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Be a Blessing to Others.

Sustainable Hospitality Solutions that Give Back.

Pouring Sand

Giving Back

The Chacko Family is committed to making a positive impact on communities worldwide. Through our organization, we channel the proceeds from our business towards various causes, including feeding the hungry, assisting the less fortunate, and providing support to widows. Our intention is not self-promotion but rather to shine a spotlight on critical issues that demand attention and action.

Infinitely Recyclable,

Endless Possibilities

We understand the importance of being good stewards of the environment, which is why we offer an option to our customers to use 100% recycled yarn. ECONYL® nylon is a sustainable material made entirely from reclaimed waste, such as old carpets, fabric scraps, and discarded fishing nets from around the world. This innovative material offers significant environmental benefits, including up to a 90% reduction in global warming potential compared to traditional nylon. It is infinitely recyclable and has gained popularity across various industries for creating new products. ECONYL® nylon not only conserves resources but also contributes to environmental certifications and sustainability goals.

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